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On-Set Services

Incoming calls and texts from your fictional caller ID

Call or text your on-camera phone from your fictional number using our app for your smartphone or computer.

What does it cost?

  • £0.10 ($0.15) for a text from your fictional caller ID
  • £0.10 ($0.15) for a call from your fictional caller ID

    You can buy calls and texts ahead of time then use them as needed on your shoot.

    Can I use any number as the Caller ID?

    You can use any number from the officially reserved "drama number" blocks (eg 01632 in UK, xxx-555-01xx in USA etc), or, a unique drama number purchased from us.

    Note that in the USA we can provide Caller ID for calls in the officially reserved blocks, but not for texts. This is due to network restrictions in that country. We can provide fictional texts from our own unique drama numbers.

    What can I send?

    You can send any text to your on-camera phone from your fictional number. If you place a call it will play a recorded message and hangup. We monitor texts very closely for abuse. Please note that this is not an anonymous texting service, and should not be used as such! In the event of any network complaints you agree to pay us any fees or fines imposed on us.

    Set Up Today

    Contact us for your On-Set CallerID package:

    Your Name:
    Your Company/Organisation:
    Number to use for CallerID:
    How many calls will you need:
    How many texts will you need:
    Your Email Address (Required!):
    What happens next?

    We'll setup the system for the number you requested, and contact you with an invoice.

    If everything looks good, pay the invoice, we'll give you access to your account via web/phone! Depending on when you place your order, we can normally get you set up and ready to go in just a few hours.

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