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Unique Drama Numbers

Reserved just for you

Reserve a drama phone number exclusively for use in your production. The number won't be assigned to any other Fictional Telecom™ client so can be used in a high profile scenario without fear of conflicting with another production.


Unique Drama Numbers are available in almost every city and country around the world.

Branding and Advertisement

  • These are REAL numbers, not fake '555' numbers.
  • Available in many country/area codes for added credibility.

    As the sole user of your Unique Drama Number, you have full control over what happens if someone calls.

    Example call handling:
    • Continuous ringing or a busy/not in service message (standard)
    • Custom voicemail greeting recorded by your actor / character
    • Recorded announcement promoting your book or movie
    • Interactive phone menus and announcements
    • Forward to your production office for promotional information

    Interactive phone systems are our core business, so let us know what you're thinking and we can make it happen at a great price!

    Note that any usage other than a "not in service" may carry setup or per-minute charges.

    Cost Effective - Example Pricing:

  • United Kingdom Dedicated Fictional Number - Yearly - £30 / year
  • United Kingdom Dedicated Fictional Number - 5 Years upfront - £120
  • United Kingdom Dedicated Fictional Number - 10 Years upfront - £200

  • United States Dedicated Fictional Number - Yearly - $30 / year
  • United States Dedicated Fictional Number - 5 Years upfront - $120
  • United States Dedicated Fictional Number - 10 Years upfront - $200

  • Other countries - pricing depends on country code and area code needed - contact us for a quote!

    We offer great deals for multi-year pricing (eg Ten years for just $200!) so you can protect your number for the expected lifespan of your production.

    Looking for free numbers?

    See our page on free drama numbers. These numbers are reserved for drama usage - but not exclusively for your project. They're only available in a handful of area codes but may suit your needs if they match your storyline.

    Why not just buy a prepaid mobile phone and use that?

    The problem is that a short time after you stop paying for the number, the network will usually allocate it to a new customer. The numbers offered on this site are dedicated for drama usage and not under any schedule for (re-)assignment.

    Order Today

    Contact us for more information and to secure your Unique Dedicated Drama Number today!

    Your Name:
    Your Company/Organisation:
    City and Country for your number:
    What should happen if called:
    Your Email Address (Required!):
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    What happens next?

    We'll setup a numbers in the city you requested, and contact you with a quote.

    If everything sounds good, pay the invoice, we'll setup any special features you asked for, and the number's yours!

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